Honeywell Thermostat Fan Circulate Setting

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Clearly it means circulate.

Honeywell thermostat fan circulate setting. Bge will not service this. Available under the fan setting the circulate feature turns on the fan for 30 of the time every hour in order to circulate the air in your home. When using a schedule or geofencing the thermostat enables the hold feature.

Here are some of best sellings. I know that on turns the fan on so that it runs continuously whether the heat is on the a c or nothing is on. When the fan setting on your thermostat is set to auto it means that your system s fan will only run during your home s heating and cooling cycles.

Thermostat fan on or auto setting. As you can see in the graph above the relative humidity rh also spiked and averaged 70 during the time the fan was running continuously. Once the desired indoor temperature is reached the fan shuts off until the next cycle.

Nowadays there are so many products of honeywell thermostat circulate mode in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one you have searched for honeywell thermostat circulate mode in many merchants compared about products prices reviews before deciding to buy them. When i turn the system to off the fan indicates auto and does not operate. You are in right place.

How to know the difference between the fan and auto options on a honeywell thermostat air conditioning unit. What s the difference between the two. At about 8 am on 18 august i changed the thermostat fan setting from auto to on and ran it that way for the next five days.

To change the thermostat modes. Press the mode button on the bottom left hand corner to switch through heat cool auto and off. Most thermostat settings are easy to understand with the main options being heat or cool but do you know the difference between the thermostat fan settings.

My older thermostat only had on and auto and i can t figure out what circ is for. The thermostat on your wall that controls your hvac system is the key to your comfort. What is the difference between circ and auto settings for the fan on my hvac thermostat when the heat is on when the a c is on and when both of those are off.

2 types of holds are. To make the right choice for your home it s important to understand the differences between each setting and their benefits and disadvantages. I have a programmable honeywell thermostat installed by bge.

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